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Touch of Healing’s reflexology clinic goes above and beyond to provide you with the best reflexology therapy in Mesa, AZ. Our holistic approach might be gentle, but it is also extremely powerful and restores health and balance to our clients. You will always feel comfortable in our calm surroundings, and at the end of your treatments, your whole body will be realigned through your feet.

You know your body, so we listen to you. When you come for your free consultation, you will meet with a professional to discuss any issues you have that can be treated with reflexology. We are trained to know how all the different points on the feet correspond to parts throughout your body. Pressure point massage, or “acupressure,” is applied to specific points on your feet by our reflexologist. By using specific and individualized foot massage treatment, we can help alleviate symptoms you are experiencing.

Reflexology therapy at Touch of Healing focuses on either one therapy, or a combination of therapies over time, including Aromatherapy, Bamboo Zone Therapy, and Hot Stone. We will help determine the best course of action depending on which of the 12 major meridians are blocked. You may also benefit from other treatments we offer, including Reiki therapy, cranial-sacral therapy, foot soaks, foot scrubs, and paraffin dip.

Touch of Healing uses reflexology therapy over time and multiple treatments to open natural energy paths and restore Qi—your natural energy, or life force. Call us or connect online to learn more about why Qi matters, and to see how reflexology might be able to help you.

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