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What is an “energy treatment,” and where can I find energy therapy in Mesa, AZ? You have found it here at Touch of Healing. Now, what is it?

At Touch of Healing, we think about the idea of energy in two different ways. The first is how you feel. How do you feel at the end of a long day, week, month? Stressed? Anxious? Tired? Overwhelmed?

Very few of us feel great. In fact, according to a survey taken by the American Psychological Association, approximately 70 percent of Americans feel stressed, and other resources say the stress trend has been getting worse. All of those negative energies can build up and begin to weigh heavily on your mind. Eventually, those feelings will begin to affect your physical health in a negative way. Through energy healing we can help change that path.

Which brings us to our second idea about energy. Energy therapy can help positively change cellular memory in your energy fields. Your energy therapist will work to bring the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical quadrants into balance as one. By bringing all of your energy together and recreating it positively, many health issues can begin to fade away.

Touch of Healing’s energy clinic provides both Reiki therapy and cranial-sacral therapy to our clients. Reiki is an ancient therapy that focuses on opening the flow of energy in your seven chakras in order to ease pain and muscle tension, improve sleep, and speed healing times. Cranial-sacral therapy uses therapeutic touch to stimulate fluid in areas at the top and bottom of your spine. After a series of either of these treatments, you will feel the negative energy being replaced by a more relaxed, positive energy.

Visit our energy clinic today to change how you feel every day. By calling or booking online, you can schedule a free consultation to gain better understanding of both therapies.

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